We Are HVAC Cleaning Providers, Many Of The Others Aren’t

In the air duct cleaning industry, there is a healthy competition that fights over customers through an increase in the job quality and lower prices for the same level of work. This is same as any other industry, and we are part of the competition as well, we look for new ways to reduce our costs and still deliver high-quality services to our customers.


Some parties that enter the market have no plans to play fairly, and they do everything to steal our clients, even if that means not delivering proper service. These so called “companies” offer great deals to the people and they provide little to nothing of the services they get paid for. There are some things that you can do to avoid scammers like that, and we will give you several examples that should assist you.

Examples of good and bad air duct cleaning companies

Don’t trust companies that offer full services for less than couple of hundred dollars. No company would be able to do a decent work for that kind of money. Full service that includes complete HVAC cleaning costs around five hundred dollars. If you see that a company advertises full cleaning for eighty dollars or so, then avoid them for they are scammers.


No company will send just one man to clean a sophisticated air duct system. There is an order in this process, and that order starts with an inspection of the whole system. After that person, our company will send two or three workers that will clean the entire system. Scammers will just send one guy who will “finish” the work in less than two hours. In reality, they won’t do anything, and you will have to pay for the same service once again.

Conclusion – Check the credential of the contractor

Always check the company with whom you do business. We are here to serve you, and we have to acquire some permits to do our part of the job, and you can check whether we have them or not.

Same thing applies to other companies as well.