We Are At The Top Of The Market And Here Is Why

When we say that we are at the head of the market that doesn’t come from our arrogance, we are just realistic. Our employees are specially trained to clean all types of air duct systems, and our equipment is high-end. If you have any other questions, then feel free to visit our website. But first, read through our blogs as they contain a lot of info about to us and the job we do.

High-end air duct cleaning equipment

Different types of cleaning equipment exist, and all of them have their designed purpose. You can’t clean commercial HVAC systems with small portable engines, but you can clean small and straightforward air duct systems (like those in apartments).


The already mentioned mobile air duct HVAC cleaning equipment is only suitable for rooms because it doesn’t have enough power to clean larger systems. As you know, air duct cleaning is done with engines that create vacuum in the air duct system. This vacuum pulls out all dust and debris out of that system. Small portable engines are convenient, but they luck the suction power to clean air duct systems of even small houses.

HowWeCleanStep10_225We don’t use those small engines, because they are useful for only the smallest air ducts, instead of them we use larger systems that we mount on vans. This equipment has low powered engine compressors that generate a moderate amount of suction. We use this mid-range equipment for small houses because we can do the job properly, without the need of bigger equipment.


When it comes to commercial and large residential HVAC systems, nothing will work but the largest engine compressors. We know this, and thus we use equipment that is mounted and powered by a truck engine that produces around 16k CFM. This type of stuff creates a lot of suction, and it can clean even the largest air duct systems.

Conclusion – We are the best

We are at the top of the industry because we use the best equipment that is available, and we use it to deliver high-quality services to all of our clients.